PRICE:    $2,950,000

NRSF:     51,650

Units:      152

Acres:     5.15


  • PRIME LOCATION // Located right off of Highway 29 on County U, just west of Green Bay Metro.

  • NEWLY EXPANDED // The current ownership completed and opened 17,850 NRSF as of July 2, 2022. Facility was previously 100% physically occupied.

  • BELOW MARKET RENTS // The current rents are below market, and current customers never had a rental increase.

  • OPERATIONS // Opportunity for a new owner to automate the rental process to allow customers to pay online, rent online, and rent a unit without even meeting anyone. Also, there is opportunity for additional income; charging late fees, admin fees, tenant insurance, and scheduling rental increases, which is currently not being offered.

  • EXPANSION OPPORTUNITY // Opportunity to expand on the back side of the lot, with room for another 2 buildings, adding an additional 19,950 NRSF.


Green Bay, Wisconsin

U Storage LLC